Project Description



Canyoning down the river Cetina is the best adventure excursion in this part of Croatia. Climbing and swimming in the incredible Cetina canyon, which was formed many thousands of years ago, will transport you to a new sphere of experience – relishing the downstream ride, swimming through the crystal-clear pools, walking through the tunnels and dipping below the Velika Gubavica waterfall, which is 55 meters high. These are just sketches and little pieces of the amazing experiences you will have on this excursion. Discover the hidden beauties of this region by exploring the canyon. BE A PRO, NOT A TOURIST!!!

The excursion lasts three hours, and the transfer takes 25 minutes.

The price includes: long neoprene trousers, lifebelt, helmet, insurance, professional guides. You need to bring your own bathing suit and sports shoes.

Price: 300 HRK (40 EUR)


Experience the best adventure excursion in Croatia. Extreme canyoning offers you a more intense and challenging experience of the river Cetina canyon. It is a combination of hiking, climbing, downhill sliding, swimming in crystal clear natural waters, walking through tunnels, and visiting waterfalls 55 meters high. The excursion includes jumping from 10 meters high rocks (recommended), as well as a visit to a 20 meters high rock. The only requirement for this kind of excursion is your adventurous spirit. Bring that with you, and you will be fully prepared for extreme canyoning expedition!

The excursion includes: long neoprene trousers and jacket, lifebelt, insurance, professional guides.

Bring with you: bathing suit and sports shoes.

The excursion last three hours, and the transfer takes 25 minutes.

Price: 450 HRK (60 EUR)